The Power of Intention plus 5 questions answered

The power of Intention is not what you want to get; it comes from why you want to get it.

The power of Intention is not what you want to get; it comes from why you want to get it.

Earlier today, in a conversation with my friend Georg, we discussed the power of Intention. We mused about Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others to explore their legacy despite their perceived defects.

Steve Jobs and his despotic approach to other people is still criticized. But as you know, his main intentions survived him, and their results are enjoyed by many of us today. His methods, mistakes, successes died with him and today are annecdotal.

How to find my intentions? Let me use this opportunity to do the exercise by myself:

1. In the context of your work or professional life, why do you do what you do?

My purpose is to learn and share my learnings with others. I want to use my life experience to become the best version of myself and help others achieve the same.

2. Why do you think that's something you want to do?

Many thoughts come to my mind, but I believe I want to be helpful to others, be accepted, become a source of inspiration.

I would like to discover something that could help millions. I think I want to be part of something really great!

3. So how would you formulate your Intention?

I want to be free to accept myself as I am and succeed in life. I want to aid others that share with me the same Intention. 

4. Can you see a secondary intention you would like to formulate?

Yes, I want to prove that it is possible to be who I am and enjoy our modern world's opportunities. Counting with enough resources and money is important for me. I like traveling, trying different food; I enjoy gadgets and technology.

5. Where do you see yourself in your path of Intention?

I asked some friends lately what do they believe my Intentions are. They said something like that: "Jose, you always do what you like and your way," "You are raising your kids to be open and authentic," "You inspire others because you are different, and you persist despite the problems that generate for you."

So it looks like I'm well into the process, but I still need to find ways of communicating my intentions more effectively to connect with more people that can inspire me and others I can influence.

Now, if you arrived until here, you are officially challenged to answer the five questions for yourself. If you wish to share that with me I’ll be glad to share my comments with you. And, if you have some feedback on my answers to the questions, please write me.

I wish you an easy week!



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