Making a choice

The space between action and reaction

Good day freedom seekers!

I haven’t been active writing for you, I’m picking up energy and hope to come back soon enough. In the meantime I would like to share with you a prayer that came to me, from a good friend, and it says:

Loving God, you fill all things with a fullness and hope that we can never comprehend. Thank you for leading us into a time where more of reality is being unveiled for us all to see. We pray that you will take away our natural temptation for cynicism, denial, fear and despair. Help us have the courage to awaken to greater truth, greater humility, and greater care for one another. May we place our hope in what matters and what lasts, trusting in your eternal presence and love. Listen to our hearts’ longings for the healing of our suffering world. [Please add your own intentions] . . . Knowing, good God, you are hearing us better than we are speaking, we offer these prayers in all the holy names of God. Amen.

The prayer comes from Father Richard Rohr.

In the same message, Rohr reflects on the following Viktor Frankl quote:

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

When someone says or does something offensive, there is a space where we can decide if to take offense. When we take offense, our reaction can harm others as much. Freedom comes when we can perceive the space between action and reaction, and decide to break the cycle from “our natural temptation for cynicism, denial, fear and despair.”

I wish you a good week, and please even for 15 minutes, go out and enjoy of nature.