Lessons we learn later in life

We don't need to wait to get them!

Dear Fearbusters!

This week will mark my 48th cycle around the Sun, and I must admit I'm in reflection mode. Today I started watching a video talking about life lessons, but actually, it inspired me to write my own. So that's what I'd like to share with you this week:

  1. At the end(*), I will not be remembered. Therefore I should not stress out about making my mark on Earth.

  2. At the end(*), there is no reward. Live is the gift I got right now.

  3. Everything is temporary, including ideas, stuff, and achievements. I should not think of them as goals but as tools to experience life.

  4. Knowing is never enough. Fiercely defending 'what I know' is an act of ignorance (check lesson 3). Realizing that opens the door of wisdom.

  5. Accept yourself and everything else as it seems to be now. I don't truly know how things really are, and they will be different soon enough; therefore, resisting how something is can only add unnecessary tension and pain.

  6. Fear can become your best friend along life's paths(**). In its domesticated shape, fear alerts me when change is imminent. In its wild form, it scares me and causes me to resist things as they are (check lesson 4).

Packing it all together looks like life is about experiencing it as it is, learning not to resist what it brings, and realizing that being here, now, is the achievement we often ignore while trying to look into the future.

Have a good week!


(*) 50, 100, 1000, 1000000, X years from now.

(**) Thanks to Georg Brandenburg for the inspiration on this one.

Some years ago, I played with a group of friends a game called Dungeons & Dragons. Some players could learn a spell called “find familiar” and summon an independent companion (familiar), often having the shape of an animal. Today, while talking with Georg, I made the connection: fear works very much like a familiar, it’s always there, seems wild and dangerous, but it is there to help you.