Deconstructing Fear with Karin Bleiweiss

A world traveler that decided to act towards her dreams, despite fears and hesitation, shares with you her wisdom.

Dear friends,

I would like to highly recommend you to watch or listen to my interview with Karin Bleiweiss. Before starting, get a cup of coffee or tea, get your favorite paper notebook, a good pen, and make some time for yourself.

I know that most of you enjoy practical wisdom, much more than a philosophical one (critic on me). And that's why I know you'll appreciate Karin's messages.

She speaks about how to start on the way to fearlessness, what happens after you challenge yourself to achieve your dreams, the importance of creating safe spaces, and identifies what might be the biggest collective fear we all share, especially in western cultures.

So here it goes in video format:

And here it goes in audio format:

Here some more information about Karin:

Linkedin Profile & Web site.

Karin is a Social designer, working in between tech, humanities, entrepreneurship, and design. She learned to create spaces for others to feel safe to learn, express, collaborate, and thrive.

"I am an electronic and IT engineer by education. I have worked in a range of fields, from telecommunication, marketing, and corporate communication to film production, culture, and education in recent years. In between, I have studied media design, film making, and systemic leadership. I have always tried to follow a path that I am passionate about, bringing me into new areas and keeping me in a learning mode. However unconnected they may seem, what holds all my work and studies together is that they have a common core - connecting and moving people, communication (across cultures), innovation, creative problem-solving. I have loved to explore other ways of seeing the world, foreign countries, cultures, and cuisines all my life, so traveling has been an important ingredient of it. After waiting for the perfect male travel companion for years, I finally decided in 2017 to quit my job and travel alone for a year. I designed a learning journey around the world. My trip was guided by the question, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" The travel plan included countries I had always wanted to visit but was hesitant to travel to and experiences I wanted to make. I intended to learn more about the countries and cultures, different forms of education, and entrepreneurship. The journey brought me to 12 different countries on four continents. I have learned from social and creative entrepreneurs and have worked in a social innovation academy. Now back in Europe, I teach young design students, work on a research project, and I am still mentoring two teams of young social entrepreneurs in Uganda and Congo. They build and maintain social innovation academies that provide young, less privileged people with new perspectives and opportunities."

Ending 2020

My Latin American instinct is pushing me hard to dramatize the year we are about to close, but I will resist the temptation, instead, I’d like to share with you a thought and a wish:

It seems like we all inhabit a world of contrasts. The light reveals the beauty of the different forms and the projected shadows create the context for that beauty to shine. For us, there is light in certainty and darkness in the unknown. We often chose to focus on what is familiar, and therefore we deliberately ignore the context.

I wish for each one of you, and for me, to be brave enough to accept the challenges with their beauty and their shadows, to celebrate the truth of what we know, and to have faith that no matter what we are always capable of choosing purpose over pain.

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