Deconstructing Fear with Duncan MacLachlan

What happens after you decide to listen to your intuition, defy fear, and take responsibility for your wellbeing?

Duncan MacLachlan shares with you the story of a life-changing decision he made right after a doctor gave him two years to live. His story impacted me, not because of the doctor's prognosis, but for what happened after.

Duncan is an experienced business coach and consultant deeply influenced by realizing the meaning of a Zulu-Xhosa word: Ubuntu, "I am because we are." That concept is the embodiment of virtues like compassion, no vengeance, and no victimization. As you will see during the interview, Duncan interprets the world using the fundaments of interdependence and integrated ecosystems. He proposes a systemic change approach that must include dialog and coordination with the younger generations.

I advise you to get a cup of tea or coffee, sit on a comfortable chair, get ready for taking notes, chill and enjoy:

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My personal conclusion is that the process of deconstructing fear happens despite our natural resistance to change and risk-taking. It always includes the power and responsibility to make a decision and act upon it. The wisdom of deconstructing fear includes the discomfort of deciding against what feels safe. As Pema Chödron says, we are brave because of fear.

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