Conflict Resolution, unity, and one more thing

We know that together we are smarter... but, aren't our societies divided?

“To solve the conflict, both parties need to listen to the other's arguments. The intention isn't to win but to achieve an agreement.”

That's a post I made yesterday on my social media channels. Of course, I was reflecting on the vast divisions between Americans. 

My friend Jeff added a question:

"True, but what if you are listening and everything you hear is a lie, fabrication, or untruth?"

My answer:

"If the two parties acknowledge that each belief in what they say and think, what matters is understanding what they are defending or afraid of losing.

Once both parties understand the other's position better, it might be easier to come up with solutions. That's why I believe it isn't about winning, proving that my argument is better, but it is about finding common ground."

What I'm learning:

Unity, inclusion, is an effort to create safe spaces for everyone. It is not a tactic for ideological validation, manipulation, nor egoic influence. 

"We are one, no matter what you believe or do."

Deconstructing Fear to be free, innovative, and to build the foundations of a free society.

And there is “one more thing”, a few weeks ago, my friend Marijana Saloric, president of PWN ZAGREB, a Professional Women's network in Croatia, invited me to speak at their first network meeting of 2021. The topic was Deconstructing Fear as a way to experience more freedom on a personal level and also as a way to create more inclusive and innovative business cultures. I'm pleased to share with you an edited version of the entire session. I hope you find something useful!

More info about Marijana and PWN:

Marijana's Linkedin

PWN Zagreb Web page.

Dear friends, I sincerely wish you to experience a positive week, with space to be yourself under your own conditions :)