Antidotes to Fear of Death

Sia wrote a song for us. Not really... but yes :)

My friend Domen Kert inspired me to use the 'audio format' to share ideas, thoughts, and reflections. I decided to start a new audio series where I'll read some poems and book quotes related to Deconstructing Fear's theme.

I have to admit that I loved reading and re-reading this poem. Each time I did, I found something else to reflect upon. I hope you like it. Click here to learn more about Rebecca Elson, a Canadian astronomer and writer.

This is the audio version:

Mads Damgaard shared with us, his perspective on Fear and the connection between the fear of death and other fears. Watch the interview.

Culture of Fear

Every time I check the news, I'm tempted to write to you about the effects of nurturing a culture of Fear. The challenge is that we all live in one; therefore, it isn't easy to see it and even harder to get out of it.

What happens when we are lead to believe that what we care about the most is about to be destroyed? In the recent assault on the American Capitol, we've seen the answer. Millions of Americans are afraid of losing their livelihood. Hundreds, or maybe some thousands are willing to kill and be killed to protect what they consider essential. If you think differently from them, you might think of them as delusional, but the monster under their bed is real to them. 

Our fears feed aspects of our sense of reality.

If you are interested, I recommend you read this article published in The Atlantic.

A request for you

I would like to focus some of the next Deconstructing Fear Interviews on the topic of Journalism & Media. Do you know any journalist I could invite for an interview?

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A message from Sia, that looks specially commissioned for Deconstructing Fear :)

I wish you a positive beginning to the year!