A personal note and a haiku

What is really happening in 2021

Dear Fearbusters,

I would like to share with you a personal story that I'm currently living. It is intimate and universal, especially now.

My father's birthday is the second of February, and mine is the fourth. I was scheduled for later on, but my dad's party celebration accelerated my birth. He was celebrating his 25th summer when I arrived.

Almost a week ago, he achieved his seventy-third year on Earth. With that came a surprise, a sudden and fast decline in his health. And me, ten thousand kilometers away.

My family assumed a resolute attitude. We all instinctively united to fulfill what dad taught us: “Support your mom, keep serenity, respect the dignity of life.”

A few days ago, in a short moment of clarity, he said to my sister that he never doubts us, as if he knew we were following his will with the best of our abilities.

I'll be traveling to Lima in a few days; it is a challenge I share with many people.

While in the middle of this drama, I got invited to participate in a group chat with school friends, where I observed some remarkable situations I'd like to share with you.

Two friends shared news of close family members dying, a few more going through the nightmare of finding a hospital bed for their loved ones, and some experiencing the difficulties of intercontinental journeys in the middle of a global health crisis. I'm definitively not alone.

But most importantly, I've witnessed how my school friends supported each other kindly, with unconditional generosity. I received the diligent support of one of them; he helped me find the best route to Peru considering regulations, flight connections, red lists, and other unique circumstances.

Drops of gratitude

It feels like beauty and love.

Daisies bloom in spring.

When we see others' suffering and manage to relate to their emotions, we activate the gravitational force of empathy. It inevitably attracts human connection, compassion, gratitude and generates a sense of community.

We do not need to Deconstruct Fear alone.

Gratitude is the candle, and love the oxygen that fuels the fire. Our will is the spark that lights the candle. The light is awareness, and the dark is what we don’t know yet.

Thank you for reading until here!



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