Become an Islander :)
The space between action and reaction
The power of Intention is not what you want to get; it comes from why you want to get it.
"To me entrepreneurship isn’t much about money, it is about learning to live free of limitations."
Early reflections on the death of my beloved father.
What is really happening in 2021
We don't need to wait to get them!
Do you use Facebook?I know this is a bit off-topic, but I’m seriously thinking of stopping feeding the beast. I wrote all my arguments in this post on Medium. Is Fa…
We know that together we are smarter... but, aren't our societies divided?
Sia wrote a song for us. Not really... but yes :)
Act despite your fears to find your core values. Change your mental images to expand your possibilities.
A world traveler that decided to act towards her dreams, despite fears and hesitation, shares with you her wisdom.